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Dear  members of academic,   industrial,   governmental,   and political areas who strive to secure competitiveness in Korea with informatization and innovation,

The Korea Society of Digital Policy and Management (SDPM) that has been established
through the voluntary participation and support of many experts has been endeavoring
with the vocation to research and suggest policies for the informatization of the country 

and the development and innovation of digital industries.

In particular, as systemic and practical research on the important national digital policy is 

urgently needed, SDPM has been developing various and significant academic activities

that are now coming to the forefront.

Moreover, as digital technology has fundamentally changed human lives and the social structure, and the extent and 

depth of its use has expanded, the Government has prepared multilateral policies related to the technology to promote 

the growth of businesses and convenience of the nation. Therefore, SDPM has conducted not only theoretical research 

on policies, e-government and government innovation, local informatization and innovation, and institution and policy of 

digital politics related to digital technology, industry, and economy but also practical research on digital management, 

e-commerce, e-business, and other fields. Thus, we have been providing advice to the Government regarding policymaking 

and implementation. In particular, as the research and academic activities of multiple school systems, such as digital policy, ought to be made with cooperation between academics, businesses, researchers, and the Government, we have endeavored to build a cooperative network among school systems and organizations.

We are confident that our society, formed by honorable members with concentrated competence, will promote research and interaction on national policy related to digital economy and innovation and take the lead to contribute to national and corporate informatization and the development of digital industries.

Thus, in order to increase the quality of digital policy, you may be expected to work together to activate the cooperation among school systems of related professional fields and to consistently display activities for national and corporate informatization with practical cooperation between academics, businesses, researchers, and the Government.

We want to thank you for your expert participation, help, and encouragement that enable the society to be more competent so that it is able to provide quality advice on policymaking and implementation in Korea.

Sincerely yours,
President of SDPM

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